What is Fare-1-1?

Fare-1-1 delivers the Market Fare Forecast, a powerful engine that forecasts hotel pricing at the market and hotel rating level, across multiple lengths of stay.

For example, we forecast what the 5-Stars hotels in Miami will charge for a one-night stay (and two, and three nights). The Market Fare Forecast even indicates whether the rates are trending up, or down.

We know you spend a lot of time reviewing many reports and spreadsheets. Fine-tuning hotel rates to protect your market share is critical; minor improvements deliver large returns.

Fare-1-1 also delivers Lowest Daily Fares, the lowest hotel prices at the same levels reported in the Market Fare Forecast.

For example, we provide you the current actual lowest daily hotel rates in Las Vegas 4-Stars hotels for 3-night length of stay reservations. You set your price, then you’re curious to see how that compares to the lowest available rate in the market? Lowest Daily Fares delivers that data in seconds.

Our Dashboard consolidates everything you need into one single version of the truth. Here you’ll find the Market Fare Forecast, Lowest Daily Fare, and all the forecast data you have viewed in the past… with the ability to see graphs that help you understand where the pricing in the market is moving.

We even offer personalized, custom rate Alerts… you set it, we deliver it. Every day you’ll get an Alert email reporting pricing changes where you want to watch them. You don’t even have to open a spreadsheet.