Set your price right and stop wasting time. Here’s how.

Piles of internal reports, competitive pricing reports, STR reports, emails from the sales team, all jamming your bandwidth and stealing your time.  Ok, usually all of these different sources of information have tidbits of valuable data, by the time you sort through it all and make sense of it valuable time has passed and now you’re late for the next item on your daily checklist.

Our team has practiced revenue management for years, and we have lived that scenario a thousand times.  It happens.  So how do you clear all that noise, save time, and make better informed pricing decisions?

You need a one-stop shop for pricing data, a tool that shows you the current published lowest daily rates, and right next to that the market fare forecast – what the competition will be charging, and what price you actually need to compete with.

If you price right at the lowest published competitive rates, you might feel good about that price today… until tomorrow when you see the competition raised their rates (or lowered them!). If only you had known that the market rates were trending up, or down, you could have been one step ahead with your pricing strategy.

Fare-1-1 delivers the Market Fare Forecast, Lowest Daily Rates, and published current Daily Hotel Rates.  Search through them with ease, see what specific hotels are priced at your rate, see who is priced higher and lower… with ease.  In seconds.

Your fancy, expensive RMS does not do that.  Fare-1-1 does.

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